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Adya's Experience of Unleashing Potential at Syracuse University

Adya Parida, a Next Genius Scholar whose life-changing decision got her to Syracuse University.

Adya Parida is currently pursuing her graduation from Syracuse University, New York, as a part of the class of 2025.

Adya completed her schooling at the Delhi Public School in Ranchi. In September 2020, while scrolling on the internet, she came across the Next Genius Scholarship Program. She applied for Next Genius scholarships and won this life-changing scholarship. Adya believed that choosing to commit to her career was simply life-changing. Winning the Next Genius scholarship to Syracuse was like a dream come true for her.

On being asked about her experience, Adya shared that at Syracuse University, there are always opportunities for working and interacting with exceptional students from across the world. You have an option of choosing a major and a minor from over 200 options. Everything is possible there. She added, “There are career affairs which might make you intimidated at first, but putting in even a little effort can turn the tables around”. The unity in the diversity of culture there is helpful for opening perspective.

During her time in SU, she has become a resident advisor which has developed her leadership skills, and taken care of her expenses and it would look great on a resume. Further, the SU has its own program “Invented SU” which is an invention plus start-up based over the summer and provides a stipend too. Adya is someone who likes to contribute and give to the community and make an exceptional impact. Her passion for Kathak made her the first Indian to start an Indian dance club at the SU.

Apart from this, she mentioned that she was never a snow lover, but being at Syracuse turned her into one. She started loving skiing and got adapted to the climate in no time. Adya loves to optimize processes, analyze data and explore its impact on society. Along with studying at Syracuse, she is also working as a Research Assistant there.

She showed gratitude towards the Next Genius team for being so easily approachable and for the mentoring opportunities that she got. In her opinion, the SU community is just as helpful and supportive.

While concluding, Adya gave encouragement to many of her juniors, “Applying for the Next Genius Scholarship will be the best decision in your life. The sky is the limit”. To apply for the Next Genius Scholarship Program, visit .


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