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For Grade 8, 9, 10 and 11 Students

The Next Genius Pre-College Scholarship Program awards full scholarships to bright students from across grades 8-11 to pursue profile building activities. This year we will offer full-scholarships and flight tickets to two students for attending Summer School at Oxford and Cambridge during June & July 2024. 

Summer School Details

Start Date: Multiple start dates in June and July

Duration: 2 weeks or 4 weeks

Locations in the UK: Oxford and Cambridge

Subjects Offered: Engineering, Business, Leadership, STEM, International Relations, Politics and Economics, Mini-MBA, Psychology, Law, Medicine, History, Architecture, and University Preparation.

Program Timeline


Feb - April

Online Application

Submit your online application 


Selection & Applications 

Shortlisted students are provided with detailed information about the various pre-college programs and are invited to apply for the programs of their choice


Online Interview & Awards

Candidates are interviewed online. Scholarships are awarded in a public award ceremony

May 15

Scholarship Acceptance

Scholarship winners have till May 15 to confirm their acceptance. Next Genius Scholarships are Non-binding

What We Look For


High School Students

Students from Grade 8 till Grade 11


  • Citizens of Bangladesh, India & Nepal are eligible 

  • Foreign nationals studying  in Bangladesh, India & Nepal are also eligible. This means: any foreign passport holder/expat living or studying in a high school in Bangladesh, India or Nepal is also eligible

Soft Skills

Strong team playing and communication skills. Positive attitude, charisma & leadership skill

Personal Vision

Strong desire to attend the summer program offered. Desire to be an active member of the Next Genius community and give back to society.

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