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Next Genius Scholarship Winner currently a Teaching Assistant at Trinity College

Shivanshu Dwivedi, a Next Genius Scholar is being limitless at Trinity College.

At present, Shivanshu Dwivedi is pursuing his graduation from Trinity College, Connecticut, with a major in Computer Science. He is also one of the few Next Genius Scholars whose living expenses are also covered by Trinity College, which means that he effectively got a full-ride.

Getting the opportunity to go to Trinity College has transformed his life. Shivanshu completed his schooling at Delhi Public School, Ranchi. He is humble and highly ambitious. His desire to do something extraordinary made him apply for the Next Genius Scholarship. Shivanshu said: “The process of applying for the scholarship is insightful and there is a lot to learn throughout."

While talking about his Next Genius Program experience, Shivanshu spoke about his top priorities while selecting the college for Next Genius Level 2. First, identify the colleges that are most compatible with your planned major. Second, go for colleges in big cities, they are a better choice because of the internship and interaction opportunities. They will provide you with better exposure. Additionally, look for diversity in the culture of the college. Prefer a college with people from diverse cultures and diverse mindsets.

Shivanshu shared, “The Next Genius Scholarship journey has transformed me as an individual, made me more thoughtful, and made me open to new experiences. Becoming a Next Genius Scholar makes me feel special. Being a Next Genius Scholar means being a part of that family, where everybody is always willing to help.”

Shivanshu is deeply grateful to the Next Genius team. Initially, during his interactions with Next Genius, he was introverted, but he eventually overcame his shyness. Now, Shivanshu has become more confident and is thrilled to be at Trinity College. He always looks forward to helping his juniors. He has some advice for the future Next Genius Scholars: “Just be yourself, be very confident, and trust your instincts, and you too can win this life-changing scholarship." To apply for the Next Genius Scholarship Program, visit


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