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Discovering Passions and Making a Difference Inspires Ishita to Become a Doctor

Ishita Nair, a Next Genius Scholar has taken one step forward towards her dream.

While Ishita Nair was completing her schooling from MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, Pune, in class 12, she found out about the Next Genius Scholarship Program and immediately applied for it. She is currently pursuing her graduation from Lynn University, Florida, with a major in Biology and a minor in Psychology.

On being interviewed about her experience at Lynn University, Ishita said, “Lynn has a very comforting vibe with strong support for international students. It makes me feel very special because I have come from across the world, and it’s heartening to see that they care so much about their students. I really appreciate it”.

Ishita has been actively participating in many of the college activities. She is someone who is always enthusiastic about learning. Her involvement in the Lynn Leadership Institute has enhanced her leadership skills. She has also been a member of a Psychology club on campus, which meets up monthly so that they can discuss prominent Psychology issues and studies. They even host events on campus. She is currently working in the admissions department on campus, which gives her an opportunity to interact with incoming students and she gets to know more about their point of view. Ishita has become a student ambassador of Lynn, which was a proud moment for her. Recently, she was a part of Lynn’s annual 24-hour dance competition to create awareness about cancer, which shows her commitment to social causes. She said- “it’s heart-warming to be a part of this competition because they raise money for paediatric cancer”.

Further, Ishita shared about the challenges she faced at Lynn. When she stepped into the college, she was still unsure of what she wanted to do. She said “It was the first time when I did not have a plan about something. But taking one class of Psychology, I was mind blown and it completely changed my perspective.” She approached many of her professors and friends, who helped her to take an informed decision about her career and academic goals. This taught her to be mindful and to be open to the idea of learning from others. Apart from this, she had to maintain relationships with everybody back home, which was difficult because of the different time zones, but she was ready to invest her time and energy in those relationships and put in that “extra effort”. Additionally, getting indulged in various clubs and events became time-consuming. She decided to do better time management by pre-planning every week and prioritizing her tasks to make the most of her time.

After graduating from Lynn in 2024, Ishita plans to pursue medicine and specialize in either neuroscience or neurosurgery, but she certainly wants to become a doctor.

Ishita is highly passionate about helping others. She has some tips for students who are planning to apply to Lynn University- “You should involve yourself with on-campus clubs, keep good relations with professors and try working on one-on-one projects with them. At Lynn, there is a separate department called Career Connections, which helps students to build their resumes and also with internship and job opportunities in the future. My experience has been great within my major”.

While concluding, Ishita has given a piece of advice for all the future Next Genius Scholars, “Do thorough research and consider all the factors which you have in mind while selecting a college on the Next Genius Level 2. After you join the college, do reach out to people to improve your networking skills. Most importantly, take up all the internship opportunities you get. Also, you should know how much to spend on your wants and needs, and handling finances on your own will make you more responsible. Be aware about how much you spend and on what, but do not be too harsh on yourself”. According to her, Next Genius was a huge help to decide which college is the best one for her. To apply for the Next Genius Scholarship Program, visit


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