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Next Genius: Pay Refundable Deposit


Congratulations! to make it to this stage. Now, proceed with your scholarship application by confirming the College Allocation. ​​If you are happy with the college allocation, and wish to maintain your candidature for the scholarship, confirm to us by paying the fully-refundable deposit of ₹4000.

  • This deposit reserves a scholarship-interview slot for you and will be fully-refunded after you submit your college application and participate in the scholarship-interview.

  • Note that the full deposit will be forfeited for those students who reserve an interview spot but fail to submit a complete college application or to participate in the interview for any reason.

  • There are limited seats per college and the interview slots will be allocated on first-come-first-served basis. Interview spots are filling up fast; pay the refundable deposit to reserve the interview spot now. 

Next Step: Confirm College Allocation


After you pay the refundable deposit

  • We will email you the next steps about the college application and interview details and you will be added to your college specific WhatsApp group. 

  • Your contact details (name, email and phone number) will also be shared with the college you're assigned so that they can communicate with you for the next steps.

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