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IE University

IE University



Madrid & Segovia

Closest International Airports

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD)


QS World University Rank #1 in Europe and #5 Globally

Undergraduate Body


Annual Tuition Fees

EUR 27000

Annual Living Cost

EUR 11760

Popular Majors

Business Administration, Law, Architecture, Psychology, Communication and Digital Media, Data Science

Admissions Officer

Ms. Subhasree Jain

Next Genius Scholars on Campus


In a world where education holds the key to unlocking one's true potential, IE University emerges as a transformative force, dedicated to igniting the flames of brilliance within its students. Nestled in the captivating landscapes of Madrid and Segovia, Spain, this premier institution has established itself as a leader in providing an extraordinary educational experience that transcends boundaries. 

The vibrant energy of these cities pulsates through the veins of the institution, inspiring students to embrace new perspectives and unlock their full potential. From ancient architectural marvels to the bustling streets of modernity, the surroundings offer a kaleidoscope of experiences that complement the transformative educational journey.

At IE University, traditional boundaries fade away as students are immersed in a dynamic and experiential learning environment. Here, knowledge transcends textbooks and finds its true purpose in real-world applications. Through immersive experiences, innovative projects, and interactive discussions, students become architects of their own education, fostering a strong foundation while nurturing creativity and critical thinking.

Students have the opportunity to pursue a diverse range of popular majors that cater to their interests and aspirations. The university offers programs in Business Administration, International Relations, Architecture, Law, and Computer Science, among others. These majors are designed to provide students with a solid theoretical foundation while fostering critical thinking, innovation, and practical application. Whether one aspires to be a business leader, a diplomat, an architect, a lawyer, or a technologist, IE University equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

Step into the vibrant halls of IE University, where cultures, ideas, and aspirations intertwine, weaving a tapestry of empowerment. Embracing diversity, students from all corners of the globe find a common ground to learn, collaborate, and grow. The university's unwavering commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive community ensures that every voice is heard, cultivating an atmosphere where ideas flourish and lifelong friendships are forged.

IE University stands at the forefront of forging robust alliances with global industry leaders. This unparalleled network creates a seamless bridge between academia and the professional realm, empowering students to embark on remarkable career journeys. Through internships, mentorships, and industry-led projects through IEU Labs, students gain invaluable firsthand exposure to cutting-edge innovation and real-world experiences, setting them apart as coveted assets in the job market.

The university's career center plays a pivotal role in preparing students for the professional world. With strong connections to leading global companies, including renowned organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Deloitte, and BMW, IE University graduates are highly sought-after in the job market. The career center provides personalized career guidance, organizing workshops, networking events, and recruiting fairs to ensure that students are well-equipped and connected for their future careers. Through these resources, students can explore internships, secure prestigious job opportunities, and receive valuable mentorship, ultimately enhancing their career prospects.

Excellence is not just a goal at IE University; it is a way of life. Led by a distinguished faculty of accomplished professors and industry professionals, students delve into thought-provoking discussions, challenge conventional wisdom, and explore uncharted territories of knowledge. The emphasis on interdisciplinary learning fuels innovation, enabling students to tackle complex global challenges and emerge as visionary leaders in their respective fields.

Beyond being a mere educational institution, IE University serves as a catalyst for personal growth, an incubator of talent, and a launchpad for global leaders. Through its commitment to experiential learning, vibrant community, industry connections, and academic excellence, IE University empowers students to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Are you ready to embrace the extraordinary? Join IE University and unlock your true potential, as the world eagerly awaits the next generation of global leaders.

Application Requirements
Submit all components of your application before the deadline. Check the application requirements page (link below) to ensure you have completed all the components of your college application. 
Application Deadline: 
January 1, 2024

  • Submit Your College Application/Common App
  • Transcripts/Marksheets: Submit your 9th to 11th grade transcripts (marksheets) and your latest 12th grade marksheet
  • Letter of Recommendations

Counselor Recommendation Required: 2

  • English Proficiency Scores

TOEFL or IELTS, or by completing the University's English Assessment Test.

  • Test Score Policy

SAT/ACT or University’s Assessment Test

  • Financial Documents

Not needed at the time of application

  • Application Requirements Link

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