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Nisha Pathak has received a huge scholarship for her dream university in the US and we're raising funds to cover the remaining amount. Watch this video to learn about Nisha's journey and vision and support him by donating. To support, click "Donate Now" button below. 

Target: USD 8,000 per year before May 1, 2022

Donations Received/Committed: USD 3075 per year & flight tickets [As on March 22, 2022]

Funding Gap: USD 4925 per year [Total: USD 19,700]

To donate via cheque or bank transfer, email for details.

How donations work?

Every year we and our partner colleges offer multiple full-tuition scholarships. And every year, some highly-inspired students, receiving these scholarships, are unable to benefit from this life-changing opportunity because of a small deficit. No student should have to let go of such an opportunity just because of financial limitations.

Through these donations, we aim to help these extraordinary students fulfill this deficit. Your donations will provide financial support to an exceptional student who has been offered a 100% scholarship, but is still finding it financially difficult to cover the remaining expenses. Your donation will pay towards the accommodation and flights for such a student. 

All donations will be linked to one Next Genius Scholar every year. After the scholar enrolls with a college, we will connect you with them and also update you with their academic and career progress. Our scholarships have changed lives and with your support, we can make an even larger impact towards the families of highly motivated high school students. 

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