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Bennington College

Bennington College



Bennington, Vermont

Closest International Airports

Albany (ALB) Airport


US News Rank #84 in National Liberal Arts Colleges

Undergraduate Body


Annual Tuition Fees

USD 63802

Annual Living Cost

USD 20788

Popular Majors

Visual and Performing Arts, Social Sciences, Foreign Languages, Literature, and Linguistics, English Language and Literature/Letters, Public Administration and Social Service Professions, Psychology, Natural Resources and Conservation

Admissions Officer

Ms. Brenna May

Next Genius Scholars on Campus


Nestled amid the picturesque landscapes of Vermont, Bennington College beckons adventurous students from around the world to embark on an exhilarating educational journey like no other. With a rich legacy spanning nearly a century, Bennington is not just a college – it's a vibrant hub of creative exploration and academic innovation.

Imagine a campus where conventional majors do not confine students, but instead empower them to forge their educational paths. At Bennington, academic boundaries dissolve, and students become the architects of their learning experience. From the arts to the sciences, a diverse array of approximately 45 fields of study await your exploration. Visual and performing arts, public policy, international relations, and STEM disciplines come alive as you blend and intertwine your passions in ways that fuel your imagination. But what truly sets Bennington apart are its students – curious, creative, flexible, and fiercely independent. These qualities are not just nurtured here; they are actively celebrated and developed. The college's ethos thrives on fostering a spirit of curiosity that propels students to dive deeper, ask more significant questions, and explore uncharted territories of knowledge.

Louis, a former student, merged his love for theater with environmental activism, birthing the captivating concept of "environmental theater." This is the kind of trailblazing creativity that thrives at Bennington – a place where innovation knows no bounds, and your imagination can take flight.

As a student at Bennington, you're not confined to the traditional norms of education. Instead, you're encouraged to chart your course, designing a unique academic journey that resonates with your passions and ambitions. This creative autonomy is supported by a faculty deeply committed to your growth, and an environment that champions experimentation and intellectual exploration.

But that's not all – Bennington's dynamic internship program, Field Work Term, propels you from the classroom into the real world. Imagine gaining hands-on experience in your chosen field, building your professional network, and putting your skills to the test during paid internships. This is your chance to dive into the heart of your passions, uncover new horizons, and find your unique path.

For those seeking more than just a degree – an experience that ignites curiosity fuels creativity, and prepares for a world of endless possibilities – Bennington College is the destination. With a close-knit community, a breathtaking natural backdrop, and a commitment to nurturing individual growth, Bennington is your launchpad for an exciting future. So, if you're ready to embark on an exhilarating academic adventure that breaks the mold, let Bennington be your guide to a world of boundless exploration and discovery.

Application Requirements
Submit all components of your application before the deadline. Check the application requirements page (link below) to ensure you have completed all the components of your college application. 
Application Deadline: 
January 1, 2024

  • Submit Your College Application/Common App
  • Transcripts/Marksheets: Submit your 9th to 11th grade transcripts (marksheets) and your latest 12th grade marksheet
  • Letter of Recommendations

Counselor Recommendation: 1
Academic Teacher Recommendation: 2

  • English Proficiency Scores

Duolingo English Test, TOEFL or IELTS accepted. Check the international application requirements page on the College Website to see if you are eligible for English Proficiency Test Waiver.

  • Test Score Policy


  • Financial Documents

Bennington College Application for International Student Financial Aid: The form will be available after you submit your application on your student portal.

  • Application Requirements Link

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