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How We Identify Scholars


May - October, 2021

Online Application

Pay registration fees of ₹500 and submit your online application.  

Deadline October 12, 2021

Online Critical Thinking Test

Solve an online critical thinking assessment. 

November, 2021

College Selection

Shortlisted students are provided with detailed information about the various scholarships and are invited to identify college(s) of their preference.

January 1, 2022

College Application

Candidates submit a complete college application to a college of their choice.

January 21 & 22, 2022

Online Interview & Awards

Candidates are interviewed online. Scholarships are awarded in a public award ceremony. 

May 1, 2022

Scholarship Acceptance & Enrollment

Scholarship winners have till May 1, 2022 to confirm their acceptance. Next Genius Scholarships are Non-binding.

What We Look For


High School Juniors

Currently in Grade 11


Indian citizen

Indian citizens living abroad

OCI Card Holders

Foreign nationals living/studying in India


Critical Thinking Ability

Strong creative problem-solving skills, both in academic and non-academic settings


Soft Skills

Strong team playing and communication skills. Positive attitude, charisma & leadership skill


Personal Vision

Strong desire to study abroad at one of our partner colleges. Desire to be an active member of the Next Genius community and give back to society

Need Aware

Ability to pay for living costs at college for a duration of 4 years (up to INR 10 Lac per year towards housing, food, insurance, flights, books)

College Fit

Students who create their college list based on “fit” tend to gain more success in the application process. We highly encourage you to learn more about the colleges and scholarships and identify the colleges that fit your aspirations and profile the best.

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